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Dear Customer,

I am writing because I believe you would appreciate knowing about a new source for high quality aircraft refuelers. AircraftRefuelers.com has located and inspected hundreds of pre-owned and brand new aircraft refuelers from across the country that are ‘in-stock’ and are available for quick delivery.

We are proud to offer a fantastic selection of these highest quality refuelers – all at exceptional pricing!

Additionally, all of our refuelers are available for Direct Purchase or Lease-to-Purchase.

Please browse this website to check our current inventory, and feel free to contact us directly at 888-743-8664 if you have any questions or require additional information.


Steven F. Paul

Steven Paul

Steven Paul began his career in the aircraft refueler manufacturing industry as a young man, working in the family business.  From there, he learned and worked every position in the company before eventually becoming President & CEO.

Today, Steven invests his time serving customers, developing partnerships with key suppliers and providing guidance to the management team. His entire professional life has been devoted to supporting the community of aircraft fueling operators, including airlines, in-to-plane contractors, fixed based operators, oil companies, fuel marketers, cargo companies, military organizations and  corporate flight departments.

As part of the ownership group of SkyMark, Steven is committed to keeping SkyMark and Aircraft Refuelers permanently atop the industry – whatever it takes.

Steven Paul President and CEO of Aircraft Refuelers

Steven Paul
President & CEO
Direct line:  +1 (913) 653-8102  

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Joe Spoon

Joe Spoon began in the aircraft refueler industry 25 years ago as a shop foreman. Previously, he had a career spanning 10 years, managing a truck service center.

Joe directs the operations of our manufacturing plant in Findlay, Ohio where we exclusively build our complex wide-body refueling tankers and hydrant dispensers; also where we provide overhaul services for our customers’ existing fleets of aircraft refuelers. Over the years, Joe has become widely known as our industry’s “best-in-class” provider of aircraft refueler overhaul, refurbishment and repair services.

The Findlay operation features 35,000sf of production space, a climate controlled test facility, and many of the most experienced assembly technicians in the world.

Examples of Joe’s previous projects include:

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey – Quantity 186 – Hydrant Dispensers & 10,000 USG Jet Refuelers
  • Andrews Air Force Base: Quantity 26 – Hydrant dispensers and 6,000 USG Jet Refuelers
  • Air BP: Quantity 30 – Jet Refuelers
  • ASIG: Quantity 10 – 10,000 USG Jet Refuelers
  • ExxonMobil: Quantity 30 – Jet Refuelers
Joe Spoon, Executive Vice President of Aircraft Refuelers

Joe Spoon
Executive Vice President
Director of Operations, SkyMark Ohio

Eric Ferguson

Eric Ferguson has spent his entire professional career as an aircraft refueler engineer.  Over the past 10 years, Eric has designed and engineered countless refuelers for customers in the United States, South America, Central America, Asia , Africa, and throughout the Middle East.

Customers regularly pay Eric the highest of all complements when they request that he personally engineer their projects. They also count on Eric to provide exceptional post-delivery technical support for years to come whenever the need may arise.

Notwithstanding his advanced technical abilities and breadth of experience, Eric knows how to listen to his customers and equipment operators. He respects his customers as the final authority regarding their equipment requirements. His goal is to thoroughly learn and understand what those requirements are, offer his knowledge, and make sure the end product is perfect in every way.  For Eric, it’s a passion to provide customers with exactly what they expect.

Eric Ferguson, Engineering manager at Aircraft Refuelers

Eric Ferguson
Engineering Manager
Findlay Operations